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What's Next? What's Waiting Just Around The Corner? (Part 2 of Finding a New Home)

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

The wind is blowing wildly and howling arrogantly about how powerful it is, tonight. Still, I sit protected and cozy in between a small, propane heater and a large, hot water bottle in the shelter of The Adventure Cabin. A dozen candles fill the room with a warm glow, which is a nightly treat for me now.

I don’t know what’s next as winter begins to creep in. The Adventure Cabin isn’t prepared to keep anyone alive through a freezing winter, although I wish we could stay here in this incredible, little dream world.

Gonzo is snoring next to me as I write. He’s tuckered from wildly playing in the storm earlier. We left the cabin around 3:30 this afternoon to go for a walk in the rain. Since normal people avoid walking their dogs in the rain, Gonzo gets to have a dog-free, stress-free adventure when I take advantage of bad weather. Before I sound too selfless and giving, I have always loved playing in rainstorms.

I only wanted to walk to the trailhead and back. Maybe a mile? Maybe less?

As we neared the trailhead, the woods seemed to call to us, “Come closer and see what’s just around the corner.” I couldn’t help myself. What could be just around the corner?

The colors of the changing leaves sparkled in bright yellow, orange, and green and we could see the trees had laid out the red carpet for us in preparation for our unplanned adventure. Who were we to reject their royal treatment?

Gonzo and I stepped right into a world of splendor and, with each step, the trees continued to beckon, “Come see what’s next. Come see what’s just around the corner.”

The leaves were saying, “Goodbye” to the world.

It was their last hurrah and they wanted the world to know they had had a wonderful life. While they were always beautiful, it was in their death that they were most magnificent. They saved the best for last and the trees wanted to make sure there was someone to witness the glorious last days of the leaves' lives. “Come see what’s just around the corner.”

The wind and rain joined in the goodbye celebration calling, “Hurry! Someone’s watching! It’s time for your last dance.” The leaves lept at the opportunity to have an audience and danced wildly around Gonzo and me until they landed gracefully in their resting spot.

I felt like Gonzo and I were in our own little parade as golden confetti rained down on us. Would the parade continue just around the corner?

With every turn, the world we were in seemed to become more and more ethereal as though the trail was leading straight to Heaven. If I wasn’t careful, the coaxing words of the trees, “Come see what’s just around the corner.” could have easily led us into spending the night in the woods. We had to turn around at five o’ clock or risk not being able to see our way home.

At five o’ clock, we turned back…even though I’m sure the top of the climb was just around the corner...I had been "sure" of that several times.

Gonzo and I ran wildly down the mountain through the wind and rain and dancing leaves hoping to get home before dark. We made it back to the trailhead and said, “Goodbye” to the cajoling trees and their departing friends.

We walked from the trailhead back home in the rain and cold, but I wasn’t cold. Gonzo and I were soaked from head to toe and we should have been miserable. We weren’t. Life is too beautiful to feel the misery and the magnificent leaves had just taught us that death comes too soon to waste any time being miserable.

As winter moves in and forces us to leave one adventure and move on to another, Gonzo and I still don’t know what’s next. God does, though, and He beckons, “Come see what’s just around the corner. I have something amazing planned JUST for you!” He always does and it always happens at the very last minute. Watch and see…

Life is good and I’m so glad I got the chance to live it!

Part 3 - Goodbye, Sweet Adventure Cabin...Hello, Next Chapter

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