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Was a Trap Laid for Us by Our Own Government?

In 2020, I very distinctly heard God say, “You will not take a cent of that money! I promised to take care of you. You only need to rely on Me…not the government. There are strings attached to that money.”

When the ridiculous 2020 lockdowns were announced in Colorado, I watched cancellation after cancellation come in for my business. As a pet care company, we catered to people who were traveling or who worked long hours and needed care for their pets during that time. Our client base was decimated by the lockdowns.

So many people were not allowed to work or travel, and if they WERE working, it was mostly from home. Our services were no longer needed…and it was Spring Break. This was one of our busiest times of the year, aside from Christmas.

Between losing our Spring Break and Summer business, the business lost approximately $50,000 in revenue “due to Covid.” (I really hate that stupid marketing campaign slogan.)

It is my understanding that each time Colorado’s Governor Polis declared an emergency “due to Covid” and extended his tyrannical executive orders, our Federal Government rewarded him with money We the People were forced to give them.

Polis was financially rewarded for destroying small businesses with the money those businesses had paid in taxes. Let that sink in.

Soon, our Federal Government came to the “rescue” of us poor, small business owners who were hit so hard by this plannedemic. If you were scared you might lose your business that you had invested your blood, sweat, and tears in…along with the sleepless nights and money you didn’t have, the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loans) were there to rescue you!

Thank God we had paid all those taxes to have those life rafts in place for us. Wait…thank God? No, I meant to say, “Thank Government.”

If you were an employee that was not deemed essential, no worries! Big Sugar Daddy Government was ready to throw unemployment money at you like you like you were the hottest dancer at the club and they were the loneliest guy.

We watched our Federal Government go wild with our money and go wild with their newly printed money…that THEY printed. Funny, it’s okay for them, but it’s a pretty serious crime if you or I print money just because we need or want more. Let that sink in.

From the outside looking in, there seemed to be zero oversight on our government, who was “making it rain” on the citizens it had just relegated to poverty. Was it planned?

When all this “help” from the government was offered, that’s when my God strictly forbid me to take even a cent.

I certainly could have. My business was eligible for PPP and EIDL and I was out of work for 7-8 months. I could have raked in quite a bit, especially since the unemployment prize was way more than usual. So much more so that many people would not go back to work when they could, because why? They made more on unemployment than they did working.

I watched some people go crazy with this “free money” buying toys and succumbing to vices, while I watched others wisely pay off their creditors. What was the cost?

Now, I am beginning to witness Unemployment audit people and sue them to get their money back. Instead of having verified an applicant’s need first, they are instead catching up with people who scammed them. But was it a scam by the displaced workers, or was it easy money set out as a trap by the government?

As we watch our government now hire 87,000 IRS auditors and hand them the guns and ammo procured for them during the Obama administration, I am starting to see exactly what my God protected me from. I am starting to see the strings that were attached.

I have no proof of this. I only have logic, deductive reasoning, gut instincts, and a God who is really good at protecting me, but here is what I see…

Our government set a ton of money out as traps for anyone who would take it. A TON! There were almost no oversights. It was so very easy to get so much money from our government…”due to Covid.” Free money!

Now it seems they want it back! Now they have a reason to investigate anyone and everyone who took that money. And 87,000 auditors armed with the guns and ammo the government hoarded during the Obama shortage will be the ones to investigate.

And who will be hit the hardest? After the bomb the US government dropped on small business owners in 2020, it seems they are now planning to drop an IRS nuke on them and finish the job. If you didn’t lose your small business in 2020 and managed to keep it afloat during that attack, buckle up…the ride is certainly not over.

Don’t think it's possible? Here's a little tidbit I found in an article in the Journal of Accountancy.[1]

On August 5, 2022, Mr. Biden signed H.R. 7352, the “PPP and Bank Fraud Enforcement Harmonization Act of 2022,” which extends to 10 years the statute of limitation for fraud charges to be brought in connection with PPP loan applications.

He also signed H.R. 7334, the “COVID-19 EIDL Fraud Statute of Limitations Act of 2022,” which does the same as above for EIDL.

What did Biden have to say about these bills?

“The American People deserve to know that their tax dollars are being spent as intended. My message to those cheats out there is this: You can’t hide. We’re going to find you. We’re going to make you pay back what you stole and hold you accountable under the law.”


I am so grateful I heeded the warning not to take a cent from the government. God has kept His promise to take care of me and I have always had enough. At times, it has been JUST enough, but always enough. God is good and He is faithful!

If you are not already praying for our country, now is the time. It’s time to start fighting on our knees…

And then it’s time to stand up!

God Bless and God Save America!


(all memes are from Internet postings)

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