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Tooomer Is Back - Part VI in Gonzo's Fight

Updated: Jan 17

Tooomer is back.

I denied that for a bit, which explains my silence. How could it have come back so soon? Couldn't I pretend he is perfectly healthy just a little bit longer?

I think July 18th was the day I initially saw it. Just a month and 10 days after his surgery, a hard, black lump had formed again where the original Tooomer was. (Maybe I should call this one Twomer?) It was back.

The thing Gonzo had shown me just 2 days after my sister died was back. The thing I thought we got rid of was back and it was growing rapidly.

It waited a little over a month to re-emerge. What a great month!

(Below is a picture on July 9th of the side of Gonzo's smile where Tooomer had been removed. Still clear a month and a day after his surgery. )

(The picture below was taken August 9th. There are 2 parts to Twomer; the black lump and the gray lump beneath that.)

Here’s what’s great…while Twomer might have returned, other health issues seem to have been resolved, or are getting better.

Prior to finding out Gonzo caught cancer, I noticed he was snoring at night and seemed to have trouble breathing. The vet did say what they saw in the biopsy led them to believe the “aggressive malignant melanoma” would already have permeated his lungs and other major organs.

Was this why he had trouble breathing at night? Would the cancer have caused this and the cute snoring?

Were his lungs already filled with tumors? I don’t know and I won’t. I won’t subject him to a ton of stressful tests he won’t understand. What I do know is that his snoring and labored breathing have stopped.

What I know is that he is still actively playing hide and go seek with chipmunks. What I know is that he recently pushed aside his hatred for water and jumped on a kayak with me. He is still bouncy and is running, hiking, and enjoying life with me. He still does zoomies!

My favorite dog has NO sign of illness other than an ugly lump on his gums. He seems to be in better health than before all things canciferous showed up. His quality of life rocks!! (Yes, I know canciferous is not a word.)

I do still hate seeing Twomer. It makes me think I’m not doing enough to save my dog. Since my “plan” is to combine research and gut instincts on how to best treat him, I am so grateful for the additional resources you all have been sending.

With every new thing I read, Gonzo’s anti-cancer protocol changes a bit. The one consistent thing I have wanted to use, but haven’t, because it is easier to get in Colorado than New Hampshire, is CBD oil. That seems to be at the top, or near top, of just about every holistic anti-cancer list I’ve seen.

So many of you have asked what I’m doing with him, so I will go ahead and list it….at least what it is this week.

Supplements include:

Shaklee Omega 3

Red Palm Oil

Sometimes MCT Oil

Shaklee CarotoMax (a Beta Carotene complex which is converted into Vitamin A as it’s digested)

Vitamin E

Shaklee Vitamin D (every 3rd day)



Organic Homemade Food:

Protein (anything but pork!)

Veggie Mix




Black Pepper (carries the turmeric into the cells)

Aminos (tastes like soy sauce, but fights cancer)

Olive/Coconut/Avacado Oil

Red Palm Oil

Small amount of garlic

Parmesan Cheese

After my latest research, Gonzo’s food will soon all be raw and I will be adding broccoli and kale. (He also soon might not love me as much.)

After the latest knowledgeable advice I received, I will be adding probiotics to his diet. Hopefully, that cures the farts, too.

Did you know that exercise also fights cancer? I didn't know that until Gonzo's needs started me on this journey of discovery. In the link below, you can read more about researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm who found exercise can reprogram cancer.

So, that’s where we stand. I am so grateful for the time I get to enjoy Gonzo’s presence and smile. I am so blessed that this little ball of joy has been in my life for almost 9 years (next Friday, August 12th, is the anniversary of the day he started owning me.)

To everyone who has asked if they can help in any way, Gonzo finally talked me into adding this page along with a letter to you.

By the way, Gonzo asked me to thank all of you who have asked about him and about why you haven't seen an update recently. We are both so amazed at the interest people have shown in him and his journey and thankful for the love, support, and prayers. Thank you for letting me share my favorite guy with you.

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