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The Kai Ken Connection - Part V in Gonzo's Story

Updated: Jan 17

I finally get to post The Kai Ken Connection!

In Gonzo’s latest update, you read how he miraculously turned a corner on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. I watched him rapidly decline Monday and Tuesday and I began to think the 147 days the vet said Gonzo had left to live was looking more like 14 days.

Now, I think I know why Wednesday brought such a dramatic change...because of a guy, I’ll just call “N.” He and his fiancé had been praying for Gonzo, a dog he didn’t even know, on that very day! They even prayed out loud! Satan hates that. LOL!

N had never met Gonzo or me, but his prayers for us were powerful. A while back, he prayed for me to get a better paying job and it happened that very same day. There were some other mutual answered prayers between us that don’t need to be broadcast, but you get the picture. God is good and loves answering prayer!

So why would this guy be praying for someone he’d never met and her dog? I have found that God seems to enjoy putting intricate puzzles together and here were some of the pieces. This makes sense if you return to my search, last winter, for a place to live, where Gonzo would be welcome in Goodbye, Sweet Adventure Cabin...Hello, Next Chapter (Part 3 of Finding a New Home)

N has a distant connection to where Gonzo and I ended up living and his mom had been telling him stories of Gonzo and me. He once asked his mom what kind of dog Gonzo is and was thrilled to learn Gonzo is a Kai Ken. If you’re like lit…er…al…ly everyone I’ve met, except N, you just asked, “What’s a Kai Ken?” Well, THIS is a Kai Ken:

I couldn’t believe it when I heard how excited this guy was to find out Gonzo is a Kai Ken. No one I had met, up until then, had EVER heard of this breed. Even I thought Gonzo was a mutt…excuse me…”mixed breed,” until the day I looked up “Japanese dogs” after not being able to remember the name of some other Japanese breed.

The first search result for “Japanese dog” was “Kai Ken.” The photo associated with the breed was the spitting image of Gonzo. I was so taken aback! It looked like my dog had posed for it! The tough, teddy bear face, the brindle color, the curled tail, his body shape, and size…everything matched Gonzo. (Don’t tell him I said this, but Gonzo has kind of become the chonky version.)

As I delved into research on this “new” breed, I found that not only did his physical characteristics match that of a Kai Ken, but his temperament, personality, and intelligence level did as well…to a T!! (What does that saying even mean?) THE only difference I could find is that Gonzo refuses to swim and the Kai supposedly is quite the swimmer.

This dog, that I thought was a mutt or mix of some sort, now seemed to be an extremely rare and expensive breed. I found out later that N had looked into buying one and the cost was $25,000 with no chance of ever even breeding the dog. Yes, I checked with him on that figure. Not $2,500, but $25,000. Gonzo’s adoption fee was $25. (He’s priceless.)

I haven’t tested Gonzo’s DNA yet, so I don’t know for a fact that he is a Kai Ken, but logic and deductive reasoning and eyesight say he most likely is.

N really wanted to meet Gonzo after he first heard about this rare, furry gem of a dog. However, he had been hesitant to visit after finding out Gonzo’s diagnosis of just a few months to live. He didn’t want to get attached to a pup who wouldn’t be around long.

N knows way more about Kai Kens than I probably ever will and has researched them extensively. No one would know how priceless this dog is more than N would. N immediately pegged Gonzo as the Bear version of the Kai Ken and not the deer hunting version…meaning the kind that can easily take down a bear.

I have no doubt Gonzo could take down a bear…or anyone or anything else with the intent of harming me.

I was thrilled when I found that N had decided to take a chance on meeting Gonzo. He and Gonzo finally met the last weekend of June and it was love at first sight for both of them. The Great Protector didn’t even bark when N showed up with his fiancé, his mom, and his sister.

N was greeted by a happy, healthy, pup who was ready to play and who was certainly prepared to be adored. It seemed like Gonzo knew everyone was there to see him and my dog just beamed in all the attention!

Even dogs thrive around people who know their true value. We all do! Gonzo basked in the glory of being adored by one of the few people who knows exactly what he’s worth. (Maybe not exactly how much. Only I know just how priceless this diamond in the ruff is.)

It was so uplifting to all of us to see how well Gonzo is doing and how much he loved all the attention. Aside from licking his lips a little more than normal, he is not showing any sign of sickness at all. God is good!!

There’s a really cool connection in this puzzle. I don’t know much of N’s story but I do know there is a history of abuse endured that is hard to overcome. Abuse that I have lived through, as well.

I have yet to post any of those stories of mine on this blog, so I’ll just post a quote from my therapist, “People with stories like yours don’t trust God, much less have the kind of faith you do. People with your stories end up dead in a gutter having overdosed on heroine.”

My God is good! He has used every single bad thing I have experienced for something good. Every. Single. One…and some might horrify you. I am excited to see what He does here and believe He will use Gonzo’s illness to bring healing to someone else the way He brought healing to me.

Gonzo is doing extremely well. He had one ruff day since I last blogged about him, but I think it was just because of the heat that day. The vet said to keep an eye on the spot where they removed the tumor in anticipation of a new tumor forming. The spot is still clear. There is no new tumor.

He’s been as playful as a puppy! When the trend continues, I will post his anti-cancer diet and supplements.

Thank you to everyone for the prayers and encouragement. Gonzo and I both appreciate and cherish them.

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