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Thank God for the Crap: The Sting

I was wearing flip flops on my walk with Gonzo today when, all of a sudden, a searing pain ripped through two of my toes and into my left foot. I immediately screamed like a little girl, but at least not like a sailor, this time. Gonzo, startled, jumped and came running to see what was wrong.

The pain was intense. Something awful had stung me. It felt like a knife had been jabbed into my foot. What could hurt that bad? Are there scorpions in New Hampshire?

I couldn’t see what had stung me, but the slight swelling and the dot between my toes on the bottom of my foot told me I was right about the diagnosis.

I hopped over to my flung flip flop that had been viciously discarded when the pain struck. I picked up the flop, gently put it back on my foot, and hobbled on my heel back towards home, unable to put any pressure on the ball of my foot.

As I limped home, the pain still searing through my toes, I began to thank God for getting stung. “Dear Lord, Thank You for whatever stung me and for this awful pain. This is bad, but I know You always use the bad for good. So thank you for the pain. In Jesus’ name, amen.”

IMMEDIATELY the pain was gone! Not five minutes later, but immediately! It was so amazing!! I could wiggle my toes and bounce on the ball of my foot without any pain whatsoever. It Just Disappeared!

It’s hard to imagine God using being stung for good. It certainly is a good reminder for me to always thank Him for the crap.

James 1:2 “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.” Translation: Thank God for the Crap!

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