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Regina Barnes and the Case of the Missing Votes

Regina Barnes is a mighty power house of ethical, conservative values who calls out corruption and calls out the bull, which is probably why she did not get any votes…or at least why it was made to look that way.

Regina ran as a write-in candidate for New Hampshire’s Executive Council in District 3 and was a hopeful breath of fresh air for many of us, who watched the Executive Council sell out our health freedom for 27 million dollars in October of 2021.

This 27 million in Federal (taxpayer) money would enslave citizens of New Hampshire into complying with any existing and/or future directives and guidance from the USHHS regarding control of the spread of COVID-19. It would assist the United States Government in the implementation and enforcement of federal orders related to quarantine and isolation, among other evil things. The strings attached were potentially deadly and hundreds of Granite Staters protested this insidious bribe.

Each time the Executive Council attempted to vote to receive this money, hundreds of protesters, who prefer bodily autonomy, would show up and the Council would postpone the vote. Eventually, the vote was held at the New Hampshire Police Training Facility, with State Troopers lined up along a wall just waiting for the word from Sununu to arrest his chosen ones. Somehow, 9 people were arrested during a SILENT (read that again…SILENT) protest of this sick bribe. (You can read more about that here: )

The Council rejected the money, at this meeting, and those of us fighting against government overreach rejoiced. The rejoicing was short-lived as the Executive Council sold out New Hampshire and approved this stolen money in their next closed door meeting.

The slap in the face could be felt around the state.

When Regina Barnes announced she was running as a write-in candidate for the District 3 Executive Council seat, at least hundreds, if not thousands, of us were thrilled that we might finally have someone on our side in the Executive Council.

There was a huge push to write in Regina and there was also a huge push to write in all candidates, even if they were printed on the ballot. The idea was that if all names were written in, the ballot would have to be hand counted and would not be subjected to the vote changing algorithms in the machines.

Secretary of State, David Scanlan, even gave town clerks instructions to place these ballots in a slot in the machines to be hand counted later…but were they?

Regina Barnes had received zero votes, when the results were announced..

I saw someone from Rye pose the question of “What happened to Regina’s votes?” when she noticed the tallies posted online for that town did not mention Regina at all. Others from different towns in District 3 began posing the same question. Where were Regina’s votes?

How could Regina have zero votes, when they, themselves, voted for her?

When the election results were posted, towns only posted the results of names on the printed ballots. Write-ins were supposed to be counted on a separate sheet and I have yet to find a town that posted online the names of write-ins and the number of votes they received. It seems that NO write-ins were actually counted in the totals.

So, what happened to Regina Barnes’ votes? It was a mystery, but within approximately one week, those votes silently showed up on the NH Secretary of State’s website. Where did they come from, all of a sudden?

According to the Town Clerk, where I live, the write-in votes were sent to the Secretary of State’s office to be counted. That seems pretty safe and secure. What was the chain of custody? What were the oversights? Who held the Secretary of State accountable? What would convince us the count is accurate? How many penciled in votes were erased?

You read that right. The Secretary of State’s office mailed out pencils to many, if not all, hand count towns and markers and pens to machine count towns. Nothing says, “This election is safe and secure.” like erasable votes.

Witnesses of the vote count in Meredith, NH reported seeing the assumed write-in ballots, that had been inserted into the slot on the side of the machine to be counted later, crumpled and balled up inside the machine. They witnessed these ballots put to the side and not counted. (I was told by the Town Clerk, where I live, that the write-in ballots had to be counted by the Secretary of State’s office.)

The same witnesses went to Concord to watch the town recount and found there were NO wrinkled or crumpled ballots in the recount. The SoS office informed them that all the wrinkles had been miraculously ironed out by the weight of other ballots placed on top of them.

All the ballots were pristine. What happened to the write-in ballots that had been shoved into the slots on the side of the machines? Could they really have been transformed and made new again? Or does the Secretary of State believe the citizens of New Hampshire are complete idiots?

Maybe SoS Scanlan could expound a bit more about how “safe and secure” our elections are. What do you think? How confident are you in the validity of our elections?

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