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New Hampshire Wins, but Patriots Pay

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

I was so tired! Tired of missing work. Tired of driving. Tired of waking up at 4 am to go to meetings an hour and a half away because We the People could not trust our “elected” officials to listen to our phone calls, emails, texts, and letters. We did NOT want 27 million dollars in Federal money to be accepted by our state.

It was a bribe.

Taxpayer funds were being offered to the State of New Hampshire for a vaccine registry and to promote jab propaganda. The strings attached were tied like nooses. The State would be required to abide by any Federal mandate regarding COVID if that money was accepted.

Quarantine camps.

Lists of jabbed and non-jabbed.

Compliance with future directives, yet to be defined.

We kept showing up and the vote kept getting cancelled.

Governor Sununu decided to schedule this last meeting for the vote at the Police Academy. Was this an attempt at intimidation? It didn’t work

The meeting was scheduled for 10 am on October 13th and I arrived at the Police Academy at 8:30. Terese Grennell, who coordinated the protest and was described by the media as one of the disrupters of the previous meeting, was in the parking lot. She gathered several of us together and began telling us she felt like we were supposed to be completely silent for this event. I was happy to hear this.

Terese said she felt like God was telling her silence was the key and said she also had about 10 other people randomly contact her and tell her they were hearing God say we were supposed to be silent. This was confirmation. Terese even said Frank, the other disrupter from the last meeting, said he felt like God was telling him to be silent. God still performs miracles!

Throughout the morning, on several occasions, and as more Patriots arrived, Therese would gently remind us of the plan via megaphone. We were to be silent and, when it came time for the vote, we would stand up turn our backs to the Executive Council, and remain silent, praying for a “No.”

As we waited to enter, there were some prayers spoken and we indulged in the Pledge of Allegiance. There were no chants and the mood was peaceful and jovial. The state troopers outside were all friendly and welcoming.

When we entered the building, the troopers remained warm and friendly. To find a seat, we had to walk past a few 6 feet long tables of State Troopers lined against the wall. They were all quick to offer a smile and a “Good morning.”

I took my seat on the left side near the center of the rows. There was a considerably large expanse between the public seating and the Executive Council table at the front of the room. That, mixed with my height deficit, made it quite difficult for me to see anything going on at the front of the room.

The meeting did begin with the Pledge of Allegiance, but things turned weird when we were admonished for being enthusiastic about it. “Under God” came out as almost a shout, but a rebuke by the Governor stating how outbursts like that would not be tolerated was shocking…wait…no. Nothing is shocking anymore.

The meeting got underway with several ancillary items being discussed before the vote on the bribe money. At approximately 10:32, I had to leave. I had told my boss I would be one or two hours late for work and I had pushed it to two and a half.

As I left, I said a quick “goodbye” to a few people standing along the back wall. As I passed the side wall with all the Troopers, I noticed a stark difference in their demeanor. I would smile and say, “Goodbye.” and this was met with stern looks and silence. I distinctly thought something had changed.

Several officers and troopers were at the door as I exited and there was only one who was somewhat friendly. All had been friendly as we had entered.

I began driving toward work.

At approximately 11:20 am, I began receiving group messages that Frank and Terese had been arrested. Notifications began coming through that others were being arrested.

“What happened to the plan?” I thought. Everyone was so on board with being silent that I wondered what could have caused them to become disruptive enough to be arrested.

I used to hear the words “They arrested him for no reason.” all the time yet I could always find plenty of “reasons” upon seeing whatever related video was available. Upon viewing the video of the meeting, I could not. This was a very disturbing first.

Watch the video. They were silent, as planned. They were targeted. An example was made of them. MSM told you a different story, didn’t they?

It looks as though Sununu had the arrests planned in advance and signaled for them just before the vote. It will be interesting to see what other evidence turns up.

Watch and see what you think...

Starting at 2:00 is Sununus text; at 3:05 is a nod to Law Enforcement; at 4:28 Sununu texts again; at 4:50 LE begins organizing; at 5:32 Sununu seems to give a “go” to both sides of the room; arrests start shortly thereafter.

As I continued to drive, more group messages began to come through saying the vote was “No.” We won! We the People won! The time lost, the wages lost, and the emails written were all worth it. For now, we were safe from our Federal Government…at least in this one area.

But the persecution begins. Nine Patriots were arrested. Nine Patriots were targeted. Make no mistake, there will be more to come and if more people don’t stand up and take a risk, it will get worse.

The people showing up to these protests, events, and marches are not getting paid by any Soros antithesis. Antifa and BLM may have financial backing by the global elite, but the people defending our Constitution and our rights are doing it out of their own pocket.

Marylyn Todd, who has been a champion of election integrity and defender of freedom, took an unpaid leave of absence from her job to fight to expose the fraud and deceit in the November 2020 election. (THERE IS A LOT!) She too was targeted and arrested at this event. (She has been targeted and attacked more times than she can probably count.)

It’s easy to complain about what’s being done to our country and our freedom. It’s not easy to do something about it. Do something!!

If you care about this amazing country, our Constitution, and our freedom, but don’t have the time to raise your voice or make your presence known, please consider funding those around you who do.

We are in a very unconventional war! When it’s over, what will your part have been? Will you have gotten involved? Will you have risked anything? Will you have supported those who do? Will you regret not doing anything? Will you be proud of what you did?

Do something! Anything! Stand up! Fight! Be brave!

If you don’t know where to start, contact me and I will do my best to point you in the right direction in your state.

If you want to support those who are fighting and sacrificing their time, money, and well-being, check in with the Patriots in your life and ask what they’re doing and see what they need.

A tiny handful of support options are:

NH 9 Defense Fund - – This supports Frank Speech TV and Mike Lindell’s efforts to bring an avenue of truth. You can always find a discount code at and the products really are fantastic.

Sydney Powell –

Faith and Liberty –


Anni Cyrus –

NH Voter Integrity Group

The list could go on forever…

God bless you and God Save and Bless America!

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