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Jesus Gave Me Boots For His Birthday!

In 2020 I listened when God told me to sell or give away everything and get out of Colorado. I sold almost everything I owned for almost nothing, but it was just enough to provide a wonderful cross-country adventure with Gonzo and to get us to New Hampshire.

Subsequently, throughout 2021, I’ve had just enough! While that might sound like a tough way to live, it has turned out to be a rare opportunity to relax into God’s providence see just how wonderfully He will take care of me. He has and I have beautiful experiences that never would have happened if I was dripping in money did not need to rely on Him. Like this one…

During the sermon Sunday morning, my mind briefly wandered to my need for winter boots. I could not see paying 100 or so dollars for a pair and thought maybe the thrift store below the church might have some.

I love thrift store finds, but seriously hate the thought of sticking my foot into something that potentially has someone else’s nasty foot sweat in it. Gross!

I needed snow boots, though.

After the service, I went downstairs to see if the thrift store had anything. I found the pile of boots and shoes and saw a lot of old, worn, but potentially useable snow boots. Then something shiny caught my eye.

What is this? These are beautiful!

There was a brand new, pair of shiny, brown duck boots with plaid trim at the top. Duck boots are nice, but the trim made them super cute…at least to me. I checked the bottom for the size and not only found they were the same 6.5 as my feet, but also noticed there was not a single mark on the bottom.

They had never been worn! No gross foot sweat in these! Woo Hoo!!!

So, how much would these beauties be? A grand total of five dollars!

“Seriously?” I thought. Jesus sure does love me to have interrupted Scott’s sermon to tell me to go find the boots He had waiting for me downstairs.

Christmas boots! Jesus had given me a gift for HIS birthday.

The thrift store is closed on Sundays, but I have permission to rummage through and just leave money and a note stating what I took. I didn’t have cash on me and asked Scott to borrow five dollars until next Sunday.

He happily gave me the five and then said not to worry about repaying it and to have a Merry Christmas. Wow!!! What a blessing!

I feel so incredibly blessed, in this period of my life, to have almost nothing. If I didn’t need God for things like these, I would never know just how much he cares about the little things in my life. I would never see the wonderful ways He works things out or get to hear His voice tell me to go find the prize He has waiting for me downstairs.

To the many people who are standing against illegal mandates and losing their jobs because of it and to the many people devastated by the quickly skyrocketing inflation, I want to let you know there is a God who loves you and cares about every need you have. He also loves the people who rely on you much more than you love them.

“Seek first the Kingdom of God and He will give you everything you need.” Luke 12:31

That’s all you have to do!

If you don’t know where to start, look for Jesus. Seek Him. He paved the way for you to have everything you need (not necessarily everything you want) when he died for you and was resurrected.

Stand strong. Hold the line. See the opportunities in the struggles. There are many!

PS – God did provide Gonzo and me a wonderful new home…I just haven’t finished writing the story. J

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