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How Does Faith Grow? Hint: It Doesn't Happen When Life Is Fair

Do you know how Faith grows?

It grows by watching God miraculously work out impossible situations. That sounds easy, until you realize you have to be faced with those impossible situations, first.

"Give it all to God." is an easy thing to say, but not an easy thing to do. Especially, when your child's life is hanging in the balance or your family is about to lose the only home they have known.

Yet, it is in these impossible situations that the most amazing thing happens. When God shows up, He doesn't just GIVE you Faith. He develops your Faith, like a muscle develops with every repetition. And the more weight lifted in each repetition, the more that Faith Muscle grows…creating a healthier, more beautiful You.

In the gym, the results of heavy-weighted repetitions are easy to see. Your outside begins to look fantastic to others and more people are attracted to you. In Faith, the results of heavy-weighted repetitions are seen on the inside…and more people are attracted to you. Attracted to the Peace, Joy, Contentment, and Wisdom that Faith brings along with it.

Do you know how you get the Gift of Faith? Ask for it. But if you do, beware. You WILL be faced with impossible situations. The hardest you can imagine. Over and over and over! And as you watch God carry you and make a way through the wilderness each and every time, the Gift He is offering you begins to grow and grow…like those muscles you seek in the gym.

It is hard! But nothing worthwhile comes easy. Take the risk. Give it all to God. Let Him present the impossible situations to you and then watch Him conquer them for you as you seek His Kingdom first.

I am speaking from experience and My God has been so faithful to take every, single, impossible trial and tribulation presented to me and make a way for me…ALWAYS at the very last minute. And in doing so, He has taught me so many wonderful lessons. The most important being I have nothing to fear! Neither do you…

“He said to them, “Because you have such little trust! Yes! I tell you that if you have trust as tiny as a mustard seed, you will be able to say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there!’ and it will move; indeed, nothing will be impossible for you!””

Mattityahu (Mat) 17:20 CJB

“To one, through the Spirit, is given a word of wisdom; to another, a word of knowledge, in accordance with the same Spirit; to another, faith, by the same Spirit; and to another, gifts of healing, by the one Spirit; to another, the working of miracles; to another, prophecy; to another, the ability to judge between spirits; to another, the ability to speak in different kinds of tongues; and to yet another, the ability to interpret tongues. One and the same Spirit is at work in all these things, distributing to each person as he chooses.”

1 Corinthians (1 Co) 12:8-11 CJB

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