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Gonzo's Fight Begins (thankfully not with another dog) Part I

Updated: Jan 17

I think a lot of my friends are way more interested in Gonzo than me, so this is for them.

On February 22, 2022, 2 days after I found out my sister died, Gonzo began pawing at me saying, “Hey! Something’s wrong!” After a bit of searching, I found what looked like a small, black barnacle on Gonzo’s gum. As soon as I found the thing that was bothering him, Gonzo calmed down.

“Mom will fix it. She always fixes my problems.” We know each other so well and he is such a good communicator. If I see him limping, I’ll ask him to show me the paw that hurts. He’ll pick one up and give it to me and I’ll get the goat head out. I always fix it.

I couldn’t fix it this time. At least, not yet.

Gonzo and I went to the vet where he was given some antibiotics for the infection and was scheduled for surgery…in June…. Almost 4 months later.

Aside from the surgery being scheduled so far away, I felt hopeful. The vet had mentioned potential causes such as a possible infection of the tooth’s root, or maybe a gum infection. The C-word was not mentioned, so I was grateful my initial concern did not seem to be theirs.

As Gonzo and I waited for his surgery date to get closer, I noticed the barnacle was turning into a bubble, and then it became something like a marble. Gonzo didn’t seem to mind. He was as happy and healthy as he’d ever been and it only seemed to bother him in the morning when I noticed him licking his lips a bit. He never mentioned it again.

“Mom will fix it.” That dog sure has a lot of faith in me.

As the thing kept growing, I became more and more concerned. I called the vet to see if they could possibly put him on a waiting list to take the spot of any cancelled surgeries. They did move his pre-op bloodwork appointment up a couple of weeks so he would be ready, just in case there was an opening.

During the visit, the vet said she hoped she would be able to tell me the mass was benign after it was biopsied, but to be thinking of things to consider such as an oncologist vet, what radiation or chemo might look like, etc.

And then Gonzo was injected with a rabies vaccine that has been found to cause cancer.

Makes sense, right? I had put that stupid vaccine off as long as I could but they would not do the surgery without it. I had to take a chance. I hate that! I feel guilty for that!

I had trusted vaccines, until the powers that be decided they wanted to force a dangerous and deadly thing on us they called a “vaccine.” Now, I don’t trust any of them and rightfully so. Here’s a good look at the crap that is in a rabies vaccine.

I wish I had researched this a bit more before reluctantly giving in to “It’s the law” and “We have to do it in case he bites us.”

From 2009 - 2019, there were 25 rabies deaths in the United States.

Twenty. Five. In. Ten. Years.

How many dogs died of cancer in those ten years? According to the untrustworthy NIH, cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. Should we believe it? Yeah, probably. They’re forcing us to give our dogs cancer injections, so that might be accurate.

So, which seems to be the greater threat? Rabies or cancer?

Since his shot, Gonzo has not been the same. He feels lethargic, and is slow moving. Our morning and evening runs are much slower and he seems to have a harder time keeping up. His breathing has become labored at times, he has been randomly throwing up, and the tumor growth seems to have sped up. He keeps looking at me like, “Can’t you fix this?”

Who does that shot protect again? Certainly not my best friend.

Gonzo is scheduled for surgery in about three weeks from the date of this writing. In the meantime, I am going to do what I can to fix it. I’ll be putting him on a vax detox program. “Devax” might be a better term. Here’s more about the dangers of rabies shots and there is detox info near the end.

Gonzo will also be starting my own version of an anti-cancer regiment, based on a mix of a lot of research done by vets and scientists. If it works, then I’ll pass it on. And since nothing I’ll be giving him can harm him, I’m just going to try it and hope I can fix it.

I can’t imagine life without my best friend so, we’re going to keep having fun until that time comes. Plus, I’ve told him over and over he has to live as long as I do.

Gonzo’s never really been mine, though. God just let me borrow him and let me get to have the privilege of caring for one of the best, smartest, and sweetest creatures He ever made. Someday I’ll have to give him back and I will have been so blessed by his love, dependence, connection, challenges, and all the lessons I’ve learned from him.

We’ll walk this road together and I’ll do my best to fix it.

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