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What Dreams May Come

Updated: Apr 30, 2022


Sometime in January 2019, I dreamed I was at a party and had decided to leave. I called for an Uber or Lyft but by the time the car got there, I had decided I did not need it.. I looked around the basement and found a $5 bill to thank the driver for showing up. I went outside to give him the money and to let him know he didn’t have to take me anywhere. What I found waiting for me in the driveway was a hearse with two heavy-set men in the front seats.

The driver was blond with shoulder length, layered, 80s hair with streaks of teal and purple. The passenger was brunette with a similar cut and also had streaks of teal and purple. I ended up talking to them for quite a while. I wish I could remember what all we talked about. All I know is that they were trying to convince me to go with them and I was meant to get into the back where the coffin/body would normally be.

As we were chatting, and as they were trying to convince me to go with them, I saw a big, beautiful, 7-foot tall peacock across the street several hundred feet away. The gorgeous peacock, shimmering in beautiful hues of teal and purple, began bounding down the street and directly toward me. The peacock came directly up to me at the hearse and beckoned me away from it.

I went with the giant, beautiful peacock away from the hearse and into the woods and around a bend where the dream ended. The peacock never missed a beat and just continued bounding along as he enticed me to follow him.

I woke up and wondered what the meaning might be. God said, “You have been flirting with death. You can go in the hearse, or you can follow me into the amazing, wonderful, and colorful life I have for you just around the corner.”

Admittedly, it was a really rough period in life and I would not have minded for it all to have ended.

A couple of weeks later, the ladies from my Friday morning prayer group took me to lunch for my 47th birthday. At lunch, Callie gave me a small succulent plant with a beautiful birthday card that had a big, beautiful, shimmering and sparkling peacock on the front. Callie wrote:

“Happy Birthday, Andi!

When I began thinking about what to say in this card, an image of a succulent came to my mind. I asked the Lord to explain and I heard “Succulents survive terribly difficult and harsh environments.” Then I asked Him how He sees you and he gave me a picture of a peacock! I’m pretty certain you can not relate to seeing yourself or having someone else see you in this light, but it’s true! You are beautifully created and amazingly made. You are an unforgettable peacock.”

She added the verse Isaiah 62:3 - The Lord will hold you in His hand for all to see - a splendid crown in the hand of God.

What an affirmation!!! Callie had no prior knowledge of the dream and God was using her to let me know something amazing really was just around the bend. (I might have cried a little.)

Of course I told Callie about the dream, so when I fled Colorado, she gave me a purple peacock decal to go with me. It lived on the lower passenger side of my windshield and traveled with me all the way to New Hampshire and continues to keep me company.

One of the first things I got to see when I got to my new home was Shimmer, a beautiful, mostly-white peacock who roosts just outside my bedroom window. She sleeps there every night and also loves to peer inside my window to see what Gonzo and I are up to. How cool is God??? What an amazing way to let me know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

(Update in April 2022 - The dream was so very accurate! Life has been a wonderful adventure every moment beginning in 2020! God really did have something amazing, beautiful, and fabulous waiting for me just around the corner. He is full of wonderful surprises and has been faithful to provide for and protect me all along on the seemingly risky and dangerous paths into the unknown. Life has never been better!)

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