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For Those Who Have Asked to Help Gonzo...


For months, I have had people asking if they can help Gonzo in any way financially. One of my wonderful clients from my former business even sent Gonzo a big bag of "Get Well" treats. He felt so pampered and spoiled!


I have been so incredibly touched by the hearts of amazing hoomans, who have never even met my sweet boy, yet love him enough to want to help out.

For over 3 months, I have stubbornly said, "no" but this economy has chiseled away at my resolve in that matter.

Gonzo's homemade, organic food and new cancer-fighting-supplement-protocol are more expensive than my budget is used to, as is Biden's insane inflation.


Gonzo has talked me out of turning away any help from those wanting to offer it....and he wanted me to add that if any of our Colorado friends have a doggie CBD Oil hook-up, his address is:

PO Box 414

Center Sandwich, NH 03227

So, we are not asking for anything, but also don't want to deny beautiful, generous hearts, who keep lovingly offering support for Gonzo.

God Bless!

Gonzo and Andi

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