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Travel Polaroids

About The Blog

From even before I was born, God has protected me and done amazing and beautiful things in my life. I have made a lot of mistakes and He has been faithful to let me make them. He always pull me back to Him...sometimes gently and sometimes fiercely.

I have learned that when I truly seek His Kingdom first, He keeps his promise of "adding all these things" unto me.  He has made life with Him so exciting and filled with wonder. I want to share all He's done and is doing and how He has redeemed me from my past and has given me an abundantly adventurous present.


Unlike most people, 2020 was the best year of my life because I took a stand and stepped out in faith into the unknown and into a great adventure. I want to share those stories to encourage others to stand up for what they believe in and know that Jesus is standing with you when you do.

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